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Remote Alarm Monitoring Solution

•  Text and Email Alerts •  Simple Installation •  No Service Fees
PhantomLink Text Message Alert System


Remotely monitors up to 3 trigger sources (5VDC). 

When the PhantomLink Alert adapter is triggered, it sends an alert to up to 2 email/text message accounts. 

Log into the integrated web interface to access the configuration manager and set email server and triggering options.
Text Message Alert


•  Ethernet Connection
•  3 Trigger Inputs
•  Email and Text Message Alerts
•  Integrated Web Server


•  Industrial Machines
•  Security Systems
•  Climate Controls
•  Automation Systems
•  Process Controllers

No Subscriptions.  No Service Fees.

The PhantomLink Alert adapter is a completely self-contained device.  It has a built-in web server and uses your own email service provider, so there are no service fees, no subscriptions, and no contracts!  The only cost is the one-time purchase of the PhantomLink Alert adapter.


Works with any source that can provide a 5VDC trigger. 

Our customers have successfully built fully-customized remote monitoring systems based on the PhantomLink device.

Email Alerts

Send email and text message alerts to up to 2 accounts.  Each input can be configured to alert different email/text accounts, too, letting you tailor the notification system to your needs.  You can also configure the notification and re-notification intervals to prioritize alerts.

Supports any email server configured for open relay.  For advanced email authentication and/or TLS/SSL encryption, bridge the PhantomLink Alert through a free email relay server like hMailServer (free download).

Consult the installation instructions for more information.

Text Message Alerts

Get text alerts sent directly to your phone.  Simply enter your SMS gateway email address into the PhantomLink Alert, instead of your personal email address. 

Don't know if you have an SMS email address?  You probably do and don't even know it.  It's a little known fact that most cellular phone companies provide this service.  So take advantage of it and have alerts sent directly to your phone!

Web Dashboard

Built-in web server provides a full-featured configuration manager.  Configure all email server settings and trigger options through this convenient interface.  Supports most modern web browsers, including the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari (desktop version), and Android.

Consult the installation instructions for more information.

Mechanical Layout

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? The PhantomLink Alert costs $124.99. Is there a service fee? There are NO service fees and NO contracts!  This self-contained solution uses your existing internet connection and email services.  You have complete control! What kinds of sensors can I connect to it? The adapter can be triggered by any 5VDC signal. Can I use it with my alarm system? Yes.  Just ensure your output to the PhantomLink Alert is 5VDC.  Contact us for additional info.
$124.99 Custom Solutions and Volume Discounts Available. Contact Us!

Technical Specifications

Inputs 3x Digital (5VDC) Supply Voltage 5VDC Supply Current 270mA Trigger Voltage 5VDC Invertible Logic Yes Network Interface Ethernet/Fast Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-Tx Network Protocol HTTP/SMTP Connectors RJ-45 Wire Receptacle/Screwdown Dimensions 3.25" x 1.5" x 0.9" Operating Temp 32-125°F Package Contents Alert Board Mounting Standoffs (0.25", 4-40)

System Requirements

5VDC Power Supply Internet Access Email Service Provider Ethernet Cable Web Browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Android)